Certified Radon Mitigation & System Installation

Your home, your sanctuary, is unique, and so should be your approach to radon mitigation and system installation. Our expert team designs effective and aesthetically pleasing systems that suit your home's architecture and existing radon levels. We take your home safety as seriously as you do.

Radon Mitigation: Tailored Solutions for Your Home

Just like you wouldn't use a one-size-fits-all approach for your home decor, we don't do that for radon mitigation. We offer tailored solutions such as:

  • "Sub-slab depressurization" systems are simple and use PVC pipes and an exhaust fan to reduce radon levels. This solution does not require significant changes to your home.
  • "Sub-membrane depressurization" systems are used for homes with crawl spaces or dirt floors. In this method, a membrane is laid down on the floor, with a perforated pipe running underneath.

Why Choose Us

Choosing us means choosing a safer home—our radon mitigation systems spring into action within 24 hours after installation. Not only do they shield your home from radon, but they also help keep your basement dry by reducing humidity. Trust us. When it comes to radon mitigation, we're the best partner you can choose.

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Factors influencing radon mitigation and system installation

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